A Trip To Petey's Burger

Although I am a member of The BOTM Club, I have a number of other friends who are burger lovers and I recently joined a group of them on a quest to Petey’s Burger, a new burger joint that opened recently in the Astoria section of Queens.   A few of us had heard about Petey’s and the thin patty, griddle-cooked burgers they offer, so off we went, on a Petey’s Burger quest.  They claim that their concept was conceived in Southern California.  Hmmmm . . . .

Since this is not a formal BOTM sanctioned trip, I will just take up a little space here to give you my thoughts on the burger.  These opinions are solely mine and do not reflect the opinion of any other BOTM member or the BOTM group, and Petey’s has not been formally ranked by The BOTM Club . . .

Petey’s serves a thin (approximately) 4.5 oz patty of ‘only the finest beef’.   None other than Petey himself told us this and then explained that the meat blend is a secret.  In fact, just after we ordered at the counter and sat down at one of the tables to wait for our food, in walked the one and only Petey, who immediately struck up a conversation with us and spent the better part of a half hour talking to our group.  (He grew up in Queens and has been looking to open a burger joint for years and hopes to expand Petey’s to at least four more locations.  We definitely got the impression from talking to him that his burgers were ‘somewhat’ inspired by the In & Out Burger (Ohhhhh, now we understand the California concept!), although Petey’s were not nearly a copy of that that famous west coast burger.  Petey guaranteed us that his blend of beef was ‘only the finest’ but that was as specific as he would get.

The patties are cooked on the griddle and the burger options include a single, double or triple, as well a ‘burger melt’ and a ‘veggie’.  My overall opinion: The burger was good - period.  The problem was that the combination of the ingredients overwhelmed the thin patties (I had a double).  Specifically, I had an issue with the use of American cheese on the burgers.  American cheese melts so quickly and easily that in this case, it almost became like a cheese sauce and it mixed with the juice (and grease) in the burger (because the burgers are cooked on the griddle they end up retaining a mix of their natural juices and the grease from the griddle top).  Finally there was also a ‘special sauce’ on the burgers that mixes in as well.  Combined, all these ‘factors’ overwhelmed the thin patties which should have been the focal point of the burger.  I wanted to taste more of the beef and less of the cheesy, greasy, saucy taste.  (I also tried a Petey’s Melt which included sautéed onions which only added to the combination of cheesy/grease taste). 

The fries were thin cut and definitely passed the taste test, but we were there for the burger.  Would I eat another one? Absolutely.  Would I recommend Petey’s if you are in the neighborhood?  Yes.  But if you are taking a Saturday afternoon to search out a great burger in NY City, would I send you to Petey’s?  Nope.  There are too many other options (some that are burger specific restaurants like Petey’s and some that are not), that offer a better burger, and that’s the bottom line, isn’t it?


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