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The Summit Food and Wine Festival being held on the weekend of July 24th - 26th isn’t just another food festival. Yes, there will be celebrity chefs, Food Network personalities, tasting events, wine panels, and chef demos, some of which we’ll be hosting. But the big signature event, the one you’ll want to run to Summit to see, is The First Feedbag Burger Summit, our go-for-broke hamburger event that closes the festival and features the top hamburgers in New York together for the first time ever! The Little Owl, Minetta Tavern, Stand, Txikito, Veselka, BLT, 8 Ounce, Harry’s at Water Taxi Beach, and more. But it’s more than just a summit, a tasting event for hamburger lovers everywhere. It’s also the most rigorous burger contest ever devised.

There will be a popular choice award, but this won’t be just a popularity contest. Every team will submit their burgers in unmarked, coded boxes — making this a true blind tasting. An obese and obscure chef will have the same chance as a flawlessly beautiful TV celebrity. Moreover, the tasting won’t be apples vs. oranges, with elaborate gourmet creations bullying classically simple traditional burgers. No, there are four categories: classic (meat, bun, conventional condiments); slider (2 ounces and down); gourmet (all beef, but elaborations permitted); and specialty (anything goes.) A dozen hand-selected guest judges, including top chefs and food writers, will choose the winners in each category. And one team will be named Grand Champion and earn the hamburger laurels. There will be complimentary cocktails, beer, and soda, and special surprise hamburger appearances!

Thanks to Josh Oszersky of Feedbag, BOTM WILL MAKE UP HALF OF THE JUDGING PANEL FOR THIS GREAT EVENT!!  In Josh's words, "I needed a few good men for the judging panel of my First Feedbag Burger Summit. Men who could sit and give a fair and impartial rendering of the evidence before them. Men who can eat 20 burger samples, in four different categories, and still keep their heads about them. I read about the Burger of the Month Club like everybody else did, in the New York Times, and saw them as ideal candidates for manning the judging station.  Come to the First Feedbag Burger Summit, and you can mix with the boys — and who knows? Maybe they’ll even let you join. Or maybe not. But one thing’s for sure: You’ll have some great burgers. Everyone from The Little Owl to Txikito to Veselka will put their best burger forward."

If you consider yourself a burger lover, this event CANNOT be missed.  Click here for ticket information.

We look forward to seeing all of you there!



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