'The Perils Of Picking Blind'

For those BOTM Members bold or crazy enough (or those who are unprepared for their turn to select a burger) there is the ‘Blind Pick’.  This means that the nominated burger has never been tried by the person nominating it.  The selection is based on word of mouth, a web review or some ridiculous factor that caused the BOTM Member to pick it.  So far as folk lore tells us, there have only be four blind picks in the BOTM Club history.  I know, because I made one of them.  Yes, my name is Darren W, and I picked blind once. 

Picking blind has put the BOTM club in a situation where we might find the burger acceptable, but we have never found a Blind Pick monumental, and let’s be honest, with this group, we’re looking for monumental.  We have actually been to a Blind Pick where the restaurant could not make more than four burgers at a time so four of us ate while the rest of the club waited for their tasteless burger with the overly dense bun and no bacon.  Bottom line is, picking blind is a disaster.  None of the burgers picked blind are ranked in the top half of all the burgers we have tried and no BOTM member has made the Playoffs on a blind pick.  By picking blind, we are only forcing our fellow BOTM members to injest a subpar burger.  The lesson to be learned here is simple: Be prepared when it’s your turn to pick: ‘Picking Blind’ only hurts us all.

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