La Cense Burger Truck

On a sunny and breezy August day, Jed and Adam (and temporary BOTM member Mike) decided to check out the much hyped La Cense Burger Truck.  For those who don’t know, the La Cense Burger Truck is a new edition to the food cart/truck scene in New York.  La Cense is a company that owns its own ranch and specializes in grass fed beef using sustainable farming methods.  They say that their burgers are lower in fat and calories than conventional beef, and higher in beta-carotene and Omega-3 fatty acids, which are supposed to be good for you.  This summer they started cooking and selling their burgers out of a truck that uses Twitter to tell people where they are.  As a responsible BOTM member, I signed up and found out that on this particular day they would be not too far from my office.  So I called Adam and off we went.

The truck was hard to miss.  The paint scheme of the box truck is of their ranch with green rolling hills and a blue sky.  We weren’t there to gaze at the truck though.  We were there to eat some burgers.  We walked right up to the window (there was no line at this particular time) and ordered our lunch.  For a cheeseburger, chips (no fries), a bottle of water, and a pickle, the tab is $10.  It’s a little pricy for a meal you’re ordering from a truck on the street but, alas, we have a job to do.  We were not asked how we’d like our burgers cooked.  Apparently they are all cooked medium.

The ordering system turned out to be more orderly than we thought, but that could be because it wasn’t busy.  There is no number or name system.  You place your order and when it’s ready the guy who puts it in the bag looks out the window for “the guy that ordered the cheeseburger”.  Since it’s the only thing they have, I pity the customer who places an order when they are busy.  It probably gets chaotic.

We all got our burgers in short order and found a nice table and chairs next to a building in the shade.  The general consensus was that this was a good burger.  The meat was cooked to medium as advertised.  It was topped with melted American cheese and some nicely sautéed onions, which we all liked.  The bun, a soft sesame seed roll, held everything together well and did not overwhelm the meat.  I thought that the burger could have used a little more seasoning and juice, but that’s probably a product of the grass fed beef, which typically has less fat.

We all agreed that it was a very good burger and did not have to come with a qualification such as “well. . .from a truck”.  This one would stand on its own in a restaurant as well.



I think it would be best if you have a permanent place where you have to put up your business. I love burgers as well and i think this one is exceptional from all the burgers. After reading the article, i think you should take your chances. But your gimmick of truck is quietly different and i was amazed with all your hardwork!Its a very tough job i think, and your burger business deserves a standing ovation, commended as Whataburger!

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