A Cholesterol Filled Adventure to Trailer Park

Trailer Park Cropped ours

The Burger Heavyweights were at it again this past Thursday, June 11, 2009 - Destination: Trailer Park Lounge.

If you have not been to Trailer Park, you have no idea what you are missing. It is difficult to believe that a place like this is situated right in the middle of NYC. This has to be the most unique burger place in the metro area, and likely the entire northeast for that matter.

Joining for the experience were the folks from A Hamburger Today and Burger Conquest, making this the second Burger Heavyweight meeting in as many months. The restaurant is located in Chelsea, and stands out like a sore thumb. From the toilet bowl ashtray in the front entrance, to the recreated bowling alley lane at the front of the restaurant, to the lounge chairs in the bar area, to all of the minutia and paraphernalia on the walls (which is completely indescribable ), the place has a character all its own. Your senses will be on high alert the minute you walk in, and stay that way until the minute you leave.

Before I went, I was told by more than a few people (Including one of the owners) that the burger is one of the best in the city, but that the tater-tots are even better. With expectations this high, there is no way the place could live-up, right? Wrong! The burger, a 7-8oz. char-grilled burger served on a sesame-seed bun has plenty of flavor, and even cooked medium-well was plenty juicy. I had my burger with Swiss and bacon, and the bacon came piled high (an immediate plus!). The burger comes with tots or sweet-potato fries, and if you have to hesitate on this decision then you don't deserve to experience these tots. They are crunchy all the way to the middle making them the best tots I have ever had - they alone are worth the trip.

I made the mistake of also ordering the mac-and-cheese, which was awesome, but way too much food. Was very happy I only ordered the single burger, and not the double-wide, because I was stuffed. I can honestly say my heart hurt on the way out - a sign of a great meal!

Thanks to Rev, Jackie, Paul, Adam, Robyn and Kyle for the company. Looking forward to next month - thought I do not see how we can do much better than this.


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Trailer Park is a hidden gem

Was going to suggest you guys try this burger because it is AWESOME!  Their menu makes them one of the great comfort food spots in the city.  Cant say enough about the tater-tots.  Everyone has to experience this place at least once.

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darn tootin

Glad to have helped add to your cholesterol count!http://burgerconquest.blogspot.com/2009/06/trailer-park-burgercon-2-electric.htmlRev

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