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As our website says, our quest is to find the best burger in the 5 boroughs.  However, since I'm no longer a resident of the NYC, I thought I'd take the opportunity to mention a couple places that I've found north of the Big Apple that serve some pretty damn good hamburguesas.

I've lived the better part of my life in the WC (that's Westchester County for all you fools out there), so when I say north, you know what I mean.  Keep in mind, these will be listed in no specific order, and I won't be using the same review microscope that we use for the purpose of our rankings.  Think of this post as more of a reference than a review.


Blazer Pub - Purdys (which I find fun to say, unless you miss your stop on the train and end up in Purdys, which isn't as fun)

Located off Route 22 in Somers, Blazer Pub is a gem.  With a long history of serving everyone from Northern Westchester residents to weary travelers along Route 684, the Blazer Pub is a great place to relax, inhale a perfectly cooked burger and set sail with a couple Captain Lawrences (no offense to you rum-heads out there).  And while the burger is excellent, the wings and chili are can't misses.  I also happen to be a big fan of the homemade french fries, well done of course.


Crabtree Kittle House - Chappaqua

You will go this website and think, "hmmm, I see rotating pictures of expensive wine, a bride, a fish platter, a nice hotel room, but no trace of a burger or bun".  Until fairly recently, that's what you would get.  However, the Kittle House created a Tap Room concept to offer more casual fare, including a very good hamburger.  I also happen to love the place because I haven't found anywhere else that serves Dogfish Head on tap.


Le Jardin du Roi - Chappaqua

A little al fresco dining perhaps?  For a long time, it seemed like owning a restaurant in Chappaqua was not a smart move.  There was constant turnover, and the food just wasn't very good.  In recent years, that trend has stopped, and I would say that's led by the presence of Le Jardin.  I'm a big fan of goat cheese, and the chefs are not shy about putting goat cheese in different spots throughout the menu.  The menu features 4 burgers (7 if you count the veggie, turkey and tuna burgers), including one with bacon, a sunny side up egg and swiss cheese.  There's a warm european feel to the place, good for any meal of the day.


McArthurs American Pub - Pleasantville
I have to admit it's been some time since my last visit, but I remember enjoying a nicely cooked bacon cheeseburger.  I also remember a pretty wide selection of burgers with some pretty unique combinations (most of which I'd stay away from, I'm not a huge fan of straying from my core ingredients).  It's a great spot to hit before catching a flick at the Jacob Burns film center.


Deer Park Tavern - Katonah
Situated along Route 35, Deer Park Tavern is great because you can go for a date, but also camp out at the bar for a couple beers and catch a game.  The burger is good, not great.


Meetinghouse Restaurant - Bedford
Staying with the "if you need a spot to grab a bite before a movie theme", the Meetinghouse Restaurant is one of those spots.  Pretty diverse menu, the Meetinghouse serves a decent burger.  I stop short of very good because the delivery has been inconsistent, but never bad.  However, I haven't been back since the recent change in ownership, but I've heard and read good things.  Apparently the pizza is spectacular, so that will have to be an appetizer or desert sometime soon.


Red Rooster Drive-In - Brewster
Hello time warp, hello fried onions, hello egg cream, hello...MINI GOLF.  The Rooster takes you back to a time before Mickey D's and the King took over.  Ideal spot to break up a family road trip.  If you're not in the mood for a burger, enjoy the hot dog, or cheese dog, or chili cheese dog (just keep the window open for the rest of the trip after the chili cheese dog).


On the Agenda:
Flying Pig - Mt. Kisco
Piper's Kilt - Eastchester
Porter House - White Plains
Squires - Briarcliff


WC suggestions

You're spending way too much time in northern westchester (Yawn).  Here are two closer to civilazation.Tighes Tavern- White Plains. Talk about off the beaten path.  What a hidden gem. Few know about it but for your basic burger its one of the best out there.The Candlight Inn-Greenburgh.  Everyone knows this place for there fantastic Buffalo Wings but the burgers are just as good.  Few know it since most people who are there cant say away from the wings and waffle fries.  Btw, putting some of the extra hot wing sauce on your burger with a little bit of blue cheese is a great option.

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