BOTM Interviewed for Article in BEEF Magazine

BOTM was contacted by a writer from the magazine BEEF, a popular German publication which specializes in steaks, meat, and of course burgers.  It's a cutting edge magazine that often features scantily clad women enjoying huge cuts of beef.  Political correctness would probably keep the magazine from crossing into our borders, but we can only hope.

BOTM was contacted because BEEF was looking to publish an article about burgers in NYC, so of course who better to call than us?  Jason and Jed decided to meet the author of the article, Takis Würger, at the new Bill's Bar and Burger which was recently received by BOTM.  Takis was a tall thin young German native who had spent a number of years going to school in the United States.  Therefore his English was excellent and conversation was easy.

Takis explained to us that as part of his research he was in New York for one week and planned to eat about a dozen burgers while he was here.  The day he met with us he had lunch at Peter Luger's and took a quick drive upstate to a ranch to see where some of what he was eating came from.  We were immediately jealous that his job was to travel around the world and eat burgers.

We enjoyed a burger with Takis and discussed his travels.  He was clearly as excited about burgers as we are, and explained to us that burgers are really taking off in Europe, and while they are not as good as the ones here, they are well on their way.

We were glad to have shared a meal with Takis and look forward to seeing his article in BEEF.  Of course once it's published we'll pass it along to our BOTM fans.

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