Off the Beaten Path

Welcome to a new BOTM series entitled, “Off the Beaten Path”.  In this series we will attempt to locate, order, and eat burgers in places that you might not expect to find them.  We go into this series hoping for that hidden surprise, but know full well that we expect to find some burgers that are not exactly up to BOTM’s high standards.  It is a sacrifice that we are happy to make for our fans, however, and hope that you enjoy and of course benefit from our efforts.

We start off in a location that is common seen for those of you who live/work in midtown, the humble street cart.  While normally you associate the street cart with a gyro or a hot dog, the one on the southeast corner of 55th and 3rd also advertises a 6 ounce all-beef cheeseburger for just $3.50.  When I ordered the burger I received a bit of a perplexed look, but after reaching down in the bowels of the, hopefully, refrigerated section of the cart, the cook came up with what looked like a frozen patty from the old Chicago stock yard days, it was not a good sign.  I therefore asked for it to be very well done.

The burger had a grayish quality to it.  The cheese was properly melted though and the bun was fresh.  Unfortunately for me, the bun and cheese couldn’t save what was a dry, mealy, an unseasoned burger with a strange metallic/bitter aftertaste.  Clearly the old saying of, “you get what you pay for”, applied here.

After my first bite, which was of course necessary to properly inform our fans, I promptly threw the burger away.  Albeit a waste of money, it was the right thing to do for my health.  In the end the verdict for this one is. . .stay on the path.

Until next month, keep eating burgers and please let us know if you know of a place that’s off the beaten path that we should try.

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Burger Sounds Aweful!

This burger sounds aweful, but I like the new series.  I'm looking forward to reading about where you find your next burger.

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