131 2nd Ave
New York, NY

Ranking: 41


Paul's Da Burger Joint in the East Village is a NY legend. It's "the place with the burger and fry-guy statues outside."   A "greasy-spoon", checkered table cloth type of place with a diner-ish feel.  Paul's sports a huge menu of burgers (all kinds of cheeses, all kinds of styles…they'll even do it tartar for you).  The half-pound burgers at Paul's have a more "crumbly" texture than most but remain incredibly juicy due to their special cooking technique…they cover the burger with a bowl while its cooking on a flat-grill…holding in the juice and grease as it bubbles back into the burger.  Most of us ordered the traditional BOTM special, cheddar and bacon with a side of fries (steak fries here are solid but hint to travel down the block a bit to Pomme Frites for a real spud treat). All-in-all a mixed bag of reviews but if you're in the neighborhood and want a NY staple with fast-service in a low-key/friendly atmosphere we'd certainly say check out Paul's.


Can I Have a Burger With My Grease?

I should have known I was in for trouble watching these guys cook my burger.  They put some sort of metal dome over the burger while it cooks.  This is the first place I have been do this and while I guess some people like it, I left feeling sick.  The dome forces the burger to cook in it's own juices and while I like the idea, there is a difference between juicy and greasy.  This burger was definitely greasy.

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