Old Town Bar

45 East 18th St

Ranking: 33


Stepping into Old Town Bar is like stepping back in time.  Opening in 1892, this is one of the oldest bars in NYC.  Old Town has done a great job preserving the old feel.  From the long bar, to the detailed moldings, to the tin roofs, you can experience what it must have felt like to walk into a speak easy during prohibition. 

We were surprised how busy the bar was on a Monday night.  The downstairs area features a very big bar area and plenty of seating for diners.  At seven o’clock on a Monday night, all of the tables were full – a rare sight, especially these days.  Since Old Town does not take reservations, we were happy to find out that the bar has an upstairs seating area as well.  Though you become a bit removed from the old world feel, the upstairs offers a much quieter dining experience. 

We started off with some apps – all of which were very good.  A full bar type menu is offered.  Then it was on to the burger.

If I had to choose two words to describe this burger they would be “completely average”.  The burger certainly was not bad, but it was nothing that excited any of us either.  The burgers are grilled and come with your choice of American, Cheddar, Munster or Swiss.  You can also dress the burger up with your choice of Bacon, Roasted Onions, Chili, Blue Cheese, and Mushrooms.  The burger gets big points for manageability.  It stayed together very well.  But, regardless of how the burger was cooked, it was not juicy. 

If you are in the area, Old Town is worth a stop in to experience the old world feel and great service (big shout out to our waitress who was very attentive and accommodating).  But, we would not go out of our way for this burger.

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