Lucky's Famous Burgers

370 W 52

Ranking: 21


Do I feel lucky?  You bet I do since Jason coincidentally walked by Lucky's Famous to meet us at Island Burgers and Shakes for our monthly meeting and suggested we try Lucky's after Island.

Once you've come to grips with the fact that you've entered a banana/strawberry bubbalicious wrapper to dine, you're going to have a great burger experience.  First, despite having what seems like a lengthy menu, it is very simple and lays out everything very nicely.  In short, you can order everything as a single, or a double (including turkey and veggie burgers).

American and Swiss chesses are available (you can single or double that as well), and additional toppings are mushrooms, bacon, jalapenos, chili and grilled onions (the burgers come with lettuce, tomato, pickles and Lucky's Famous chipotle sauce).  Served on a soft Martin's bun, this burger has an unquestionable Burger Joint feel (as 2 of us separately noted during the outing).  The crinkle cut fries were a nice touch that reminded me of post little league Friendly’s run's as a kid, and the onion rings were outstanding.  Since we had just finished an Island before Lucky's, no one was adventurous enough to order a shake, but the menu offers 6 different shake flavors.

With nothing on the menu costing more than $10 (before additional toppings), Lucky's Famous is a steal, and a great addition to Hell's Kitchen.  The website mentions a second location opening in September in Chelsea.  We'll be sure to hit that one as well.

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