JG Melon

1291 3rd Avenue
New York, NY

Ranking: 27


Of all the burgers reviewed by the BOTM Club, none causes more disagreements within the seven BOTM Club members than JG Melon.  The ranking for this famous burger institution are so varied, that it is a wonder that we all actually ate at the same restaurant.  Two of the seven BOTM members rank the JG Melon burger as their #1 burger in Manhattan.  The other five members spread their rankings up into the mid to high twenties of all the burgers we have tried.

For those who love it, the JG Melon burger is the ultimate gift from the Burger Gods.

The patty itself is a little smaller than some carnivores would like, about 6 – 7 ounces of ground sirloin, but it is griddled cooked perfectly to order. It has a simple white bun that holds it together well and it’s well seasoned. What’s nice is that the bacon they put on this burger is crispy and compliments the burger well. The fantastic bowl of cottage fries (admittedly ordered a la carte), completes what is to some, nothing less than the Perfect Burger.

However . . . just as important in the BOTM’s overall rankings, others in the group found the burger to just be ordinary and basic . . . The internal BOTM debate goes on but the group does agree on one thing:  This is one you should try on your own.  Try it out and let us know what you think.  You can help settle the biggest BOTM Club debate that exists!


Simply the Best

This is simply the BEST burger in New York City.  No question about.  I am surprised at the range of rankings these BOTM guys gave it.

Best of the Best

Having eaten here regularly since 1979 (so I can estimate close to 1,000 times--hard to conceive), I may not be objective, but I have not found a better burger yet.  The entire serving works perfectly together--the ideal burger, soft, plain bun, side of pickles and red onion (not ON the burger, but the proximity gives it flavor), and the unbeatable cottage fries (round, ridged french fries)--they all contribute to a perfect 10.  Relatively recently (5 years ago?), I made the mistake of discovering the chocolate chip chocolate cake and sadly it is fantastic.  Can't do that every time, of course, but worth the cals for a special treat.  One tip: If you're hungrier than a burger can satisfy (or on Atkins-type diet) consider ordering the chopped steak.  It is exactly the same as the burger but about 2x the size--it comes with a salad and smaller side of potatoes.  They'll even give you a bun if you want to make a burger out of it.  Good value and a filling meal.  Hate to recommend Melon's because it'll just get more crowded, but I feel compelled to speak up for the supreme burger.

I agree with the two # 1's

This is definitely my favorite burger in the entire city.  I certainly agree with the two guys who ranked JG Mellon's #1 and I think the other guys should revisit.

jg is the best in the city!!

I have tried over a 100 burger joints in the city and still cannot find a better burger than jg mellons.  Perfect char, great flavor and super moist.

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