DBGB Kitchen and Bar

299 Bowery

Ranking: 14


Our burger outing this past Monday was one that was much anticipated by the BOTM crew.  This month we were treated to a very special guest, the Burger King and grill master himself, Bobby Flay!!  Bobby was kind enough to join us for our monthly outing, and it was our pleasure to give him the honor of selecting the restaurant.  For his pick he chose one of world renowned chef Daniel Boulud’s restaurants, DBGB Kitchen and Bar, located in the East Village.

DBGB is one of Boulud’s more casual restaurants.  There is a rustic feel to the place with copper pots lining the shelves that were given to Boulud by chef/friends, one of them being Bobby.  The crowd was young and “hip”, and many were enjoying the various artisanal beers that the restaurant is known for.  The restaurant is located in the Bowery and the menu is French Bistro-like consisting of a number of different sausages, charcuterie, and of course, burgers.    Bobby explained to us that much of the menu is built around the different beers that they serve.

There are three burgers to choose from.  The Yankee is the most traditional.  It’s your basic cheeseburger with all the typical toppings (lettuce, tomato, onion, etc.).  From there you can move on to the Piggie (Bobby’s choice), which is topped with Daisy May’s pulled bbq pork and sits on a cheddar cornbread bun.  Lastly there is the Frenchie, which includes confit pork belly and a tomato onion compote.  Each burger is six ounces of ground short rib.

When our burgers were delivered we quickly noticed that the restaurant puts a lot of effort into making the burgers visually appealing.  As you can see from the picture, the burgers looked like you want them to.  All were cooked perfectly as ordered and came with a nice size portion of crispy fries.  The buns held the burgers together well which was difficult given their considerable juiciness.  The silence at the table said everything, we all enjoyed our burgers.

If there was a complaint to be had it was the price.  $19 for a six ounce burger with fries is a bit tough to stomach.  This isn’t an every day burger, but it sure is a treat, as was the opportunity to share a meal with Bobby.  He gave us some words of wisdom that those of you who follow our exploits will see in the coming months.  We are grateful to Bobby for taking time out of his busy schedule to share a meal with us, and are happy to recommend his well informed choice to you.

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