278 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

Ranking: 44


If you look up Bonnie's Grill on the web, you see statements like best wings in Park Slope, Brooklyn, or NYC.  What you shouldn't see, based on our visit, is best burger in Park Slope, Brooklyn or NYC, or even on the same block.

It had been a while since the group came to such a quick consensus, and it's unfortunate, because the place has a great neighborhood feel, and the wings are spectacular (we had to try 'em).

My burger felt like a 3 in 1 deal, which is good if you're buying suits or drinks, but to have some parts rare, some parts medium rare, and some parts well done, is not the kind of 3-fer I'm looking for.  The menu is absolutely correct in that the burger is a spiced black angus sirloin burger.  I'm not sure anyone at the table felt the spice was a positive.

Bonnie brings the beer and buffalo wings, but not the burger.

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