92 3rd Avenue
New York, NY

Ranking: 50


Blue 9 in the East Village is what the BOTM would call a "copy-cat" burger spot…and they admit it. The goal at Blue 9 is to have burger/menu as close to In-N-Out as they can (without the religious convictions). A transplant restaurant from the Duke campus in North Carolina, the best way to describe Blue 9 is fast-food done right. A small place, with limited seats there are only a few offerings here (on purpose): the "Blue 9" burger (double cheeseburger), cheeseburger, hamburger, hand-cut fries and cheese fries (thinner style fries for those of you wondering).  Sodas and shakes round out the menu but that's it. Oh yea, and only America cheese. While it doesn't compare to some of the top-notch burgers you'll find at other establishments in NYC, for what it's trying to accomplish (In-N-Out) it goes a good job. If you're looking for an In-N-Out experience in NYC the BOTM says give it a go.



Who told you this is a transplanted restaurant from Duke? We never had anything like this at Duke. Cosmic Cantina, up 3rd Avenue a little bit, is originally from Ninth Street, just off East Campus, but Blue 9?


You sure about that? There's nothing like this at Duke. Cosmic Cantina, up 3rd from Blue 9, started as a restaurant just off Duke's East Campus (right off Ninth Street), and maybe there's the confusion?At any rate, the Blue 9 burger is no In-N-Out.

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